Our Mission

Welcome to The Benson Ridge Project.. We provide opportunities for musicians to get out there and do what they love. And that is to perform in front of an appreciative well fed and a well behaved crowd. And get this... they may even get some cash out of it.

Every Benson Ridge Project Party has sponsors that contribute to the events expenses. And after all the bills are handled, whatever money is left over goes to the musicians. Our Business plan is simple: We've spent years practicing...now it's time for us to get paid! This is a Benson Ridge Project LLC event.

Our overhead is low thanks to our Officers and Patrons who contribute to every show. Our dedicated volunteers and family members work for free and for the love of helping others. Many of the show attendees donate those special things that make a good party great (like the fog machine and mirrored ball used at the October 18th show.) 

Share good feelings with friends - Give musicians a showcase to perform - Eat